About Vida Nueva


CTVN History

Central Tennessee Vida Nueva began as an idea stemming from the other Vida Nueva communities in the southeast. In 2003, a group began to meet and plan for the first of the CTVN weekends. In 2004, the CTVN Council was formed as it exists today. In July of 2004, the CTVN Council planned for the first set of VN weekends in Tennessee to occur on Feb. 11-13, 2005 and Feb. 18-20, 2005 at the Hillmont Campground. 


Team meetings began in January of 2005, and two very successful and very ordained weekends happened. Not only did much prayer birth a new Vida Nueva community in Middle Tennessee, but also a new community in Ukraine. Six Ukrainian ambassadors came to the United States for VN training and will begin their own VN community as early as this summer. 


The very first Central Tennessee Vida Nueva weekends gave us 57 butterflies; Twenty-nine young women and twenty-eight young men. 


Since February 2005, we have completed three more sets of weekends and have grown to a community of over 150 people.


The CTVN Community also sent a team to Ukraine in July 2006 to begin Vida Nueva there.



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